Createspace and KDP to merge


Well . . . Frak.

Createspace is getting eaten by KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing).


Technically this shouldn’t be a big deal, and hopefully everything goes smoothly. In the mean time, you can do a few things to make sure the process doesn’t turn into a Frat house on a 5-day bender:


  1. Create a KDP account. Even if you ONLY currently have your book in print (say, if you’re a picture book author) still create the account. The link is here:


  1. Once you have an account, and the cosmic shift begins to happen, you’ll see that your KDP account will start having new buttons and what not – one of them will allow you to bring over your Createspace account into your KDP account. For the LOVE OF GOD, WRITE DOWN YOUR KDP ACCOUNT #. If I was you, I’d take a screen shot of your dashboard page in Createspace NOW.


  1. Understand the differences in moo-lah: KDP’s payment schedule and threshold is longer and higher than Createspace. Royalties are paid 60 days after the close of a month and the pay-minimum is $100 (so you won’t get any royalties until you hit the $100 mark and then the money will deposit). For many of us marketing maniacs, this is a non-issue.


  1. Final thoughts: I’m not so sure how this merge is going to work out, BUT make sure you have your Createspace account ID and have a KDP account set up (like, yesterday). What I hate about this particular circus? You can’t CALL KDP – finding their phone number is like tracking down a cross bred unicorn that can drive a semi-truck. I’ve looked EVERYWHERE and can’t find it. Createspace IS available by phone and I will miss that option so it BETTER APPEAR on KDP. Createspace’s phone number is 866-356-2153


  1. As always, I am for hire as a graphic designer – I help people take a manuscript and turn it into a stunning book and cover as well as ebook and get it up on the right distribution channels. For more information on my graphic art, go to


More info on all this insanity can be found here:


2 Comments on “Createspace and KDP to merge”

  1. KDP doesn’t publish their number, but you can enter your number in teh “Contact” section and request a live callback, and there’s a button to request within 5 minutes.


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