Cape Cod Teen Writers Conference 2018

Oh my gosh, have I been lacking on my blog. Truth be told, I’ve been slowly melting on Cape Cod this summer in the mother of all heat waves. I’ve also been busy working on people’s books, having a mild panic attack about school for my son, and enjoying book signings alongside Katie O’Sullivan and Katherine Knight.

It’s been nuts, so the blog has gotten dusty and forgotten and may be overrun by digital rodents, but fear NOT – I’m back and I’ve got some cool stuff to cover!

The Second Annual Cape Cod Teen Writers Conference has been a laugh-filled, writing bonanza this year. We more than doubled our numbers (38) and crawled out of a school building and into the Double Tree Hotel in Hyannis (which, I must say, is quite swanky).

Tomorrow is the Author Panel at the teen conference and it is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC (re: get your sand-encrusted butts off the beach and into the AC to listen to authors and buy books). We are also hopeful for donations (yes, that’s a total plea for money) as the Teen Conference is F-R-E-E for the participants. This is a pledge of mine that I never want to break – a multi-day intensive writing course for teen writers that is and will remain free. Of course, to do that, we are always seeking donations and sponsors, so if you believe in the arts and the power of the pen in the hands of the youth, please consider a donation to this awesome, not-for-profit program. More details here:


Aside from helping kids grow as writers and storytellers, the Teen Conference does something else – it builds a community of young writers. It takes that one teen, who may find themselves the odd-person-out among friends due to their love of writing, and drops them into a room FULL of people just like them. We’ve had friendships form and last years because of the CCTWC. We’ve seen connections made and held strong across the miles because of the conference.

Inside the walls of the Conference, there is this unique, creative, outrageous safe zone where imaginations are encouraged to run wild and where no one thinks your voice is useless. In storytelling, we get to form our own destiny and twist reality so that we are master and commander of Fate. In a world ruled by the demands of adults and society, the Cape Cod Teen Writers Conference offers teens a chance to not only escape to a place filled with others just like them, it also offers a chance to rule one’s own world thanks to pen and paper.

So I ask you – come and be a part of the Cape Cod Teen Writers Conference Author Panel. See what we do and what the teens have accomplished. Be amazed and inspired and think seriously about helping us continue to grow this empowering program with a tax-deductible donation. Every bit helps and every teen writers deserves a chance to be part of the Conference.







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