Undertow This Summer



Sometimes I call UNDERTOW the Little Blue Book That Could because it keeps landing on lists years after it launched (not that I’m complaining). Of course, then my friends remind me that the sucker weighs close to a pound and is nearly 100,000 words long, so “little” ain’t so little. Pfft – details.

Anyway . . . Undertow is on Monomoy High School’s Summer Reading Celebration. If you are a high schooler at Monomoy, you can reach out to the Ms. Wheaton, the school librarian to sign up for Undertow and get a free digital copy. If you are not part of Monomoy, the Jonathan Bourne Public Library also has Undertow as one of its Beach Buddy Reads for the summer. You can sign-up through the library (from ANYWHERE in the world) and you can download ALL the books on the poster for free via BookFunnel.

Not wanting to leave anyone behind in Undertow’s Summer Tour, (and because all my fans are freakin’ epic and push Undertow out like free sparklers on the Fourth of July), I’ve set UNDERTOW to FREE across numerous digital platforms until August 1, 2018. If, however, you need print copies, the most signed editions can be found shelves at Titcomb’s Bookshop (and those ladies ALWAYS have them in stock).







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