Last Light – Updates (stop screaming)

Dear Reader,

Let’s face it . . . it’s been a year, almost exactly, since True North came out and you’re getting anxious. “Where’s Last Light?” you demand. “What has Conway been doing for a WHOLE year if she’s not strapped to her desk, inhaling caffeine?”

3767240Well, truth be told, 2016 was a bit of a writing bust for me.

I did get about half of the book written (70,000 words), but between two surgeries (mine and my daughter’s), selling a home, buying another house, moving 20 years worth of stuff (my husband had FIVE broken leaf blowers and seven cords of wood . . . um, WHAT THE HECK?), a jam-packed list of author events, PLUS driving a school bus full time and working on the book projects of other people, I fell behind.

Turns out you cannot squeeze more than 24 hours in a day, no matter how much you want to. Who knew?

As it stands, right now, my goal is to have Last Light come out in August (hopefully) and yes, it is the FINAL book in the series (in fact, the epilogue is already written). It is proving to be, hands down, the toughest novel I have ever written thanks to the THREE points of view, a ton of twists and new creatures, plus tying in all the breadcrumbs that I’ve sprinkled along the way (someone needs to take away my breadcrumb privileges next time, PLEASE).

My guess is that Last Light will push the 130 – 140k mark easily in terms of word count (that’s basically Tolkien territory, because I’m a maniac). The book will also, FINALLY, contain a glossary of creatures, characters, terminology, and geography, which will eventually be loaded here, on my website. In total, I have close to 30 characters and they all have intersecting plot lines and backstories that go back generations. Yes, I’m an idiot. No, I don’t regret it.

I’ll be honest: this book wants to kill me. Thankfully, whenever I call one of my pals, bawling because a character isn’t doing what I need him / her/ IT to do and I’ve backed myself into a corner, I’m reminded of why friends are so important: they beat the snot outta ya when you lose focus, and get you back on track.

Madly thankful for them all.

And MASSIVELY thankful for all my fans and their patience.


KR Conway


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