Inside the Concepts of a Killer Nightclub

inside_engsThey say news comes in two forms: Good and Bad.

The Good: I’m working on Last Light.

The Bad: It’s gonna be huge and my fingers are bleeding.

Sometimes I’m stalled in my writing by simply needing to come out of the story to do research so I can feel my way through a setting or scene. And, if you’ve ever read my stuff, you know I’m a big setting addict. I literally want the setting to become its own character, and to pull that off, I need to be eyeball-deep in concept photography and art.

I thought, since y’all are being so patient, that I’d share some concept photos for triceratops_demon_by_sanggene-d4dcvvj
Faust, which is once again a big player in Eila Walker’s life. The monster models & drawings showbanen here were ones I used when developing the Lessers, including Bane (drawn as a human on the left), who works for Faust. Though I modified the monsters pictured here, it was a starting point for me.












So sit back and scroll through some of the photos
and graphics I use to keep writing.

This is Faust:

images orpheum_theatre_new_bedford_details il_340x270-674810594_6b3o 4e7fb326e0a9030a18388f84e8089827 images-4 11680038323_0beac7d00f_b gargoyle-2 fdf33a026c209e7262c6b3a59b5ebe3c tumblr_nb4zpmps5q1s3hp12o3_1280 s-l1000 11680038323_0beac7d00f_b ch1042-thakara-dragon-fixture-23 a48c112b88b4bcccf56f591836945dcd 78a0cca83993a5d7e6707c587250d113 enigma-cafe-cluj-design-interior-11 f603f8464dae39626b61347cce11bf39 whp-shore-street galleries_items_8224 cross_4 images-5our-famous-bar roundhouse-3 roundhouse-1 round-house-6 camden-engine-house-c1850



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