Moving, Madness, and other Brain-Frying Activities.

There’s a trend among young people right now to dye their hair gray. And if you’re dark haired, it takes a ton of work to get that perfect combo of seaside overcast / silver tarnish to shade your locks. By the time you’re done perfecting this “hey I’m old as dirt, but not really” look, you could probably have paid for a 5-day trip to Disney World.

BUT, there is a faster way to go gray! It’s called “moving.”  In fact, it’s probably the surest way to an early grave, so you can perfect that whole “I’m gray AND dead” look.

But here’s the thing: buying and selling homes does not have to be a free pass to the nut-house IF you have Wonder Woman on your side. Ours was blonde, about 5’5”, with a sweet smile that hid a total Thor-like determination. And though she didn’t have a fancy, alien-esque hammer or fiery-whip, she did have a “sold” sign tucked in her trunk and she was determined to sink the sucker into our lawn like a meteor.

Jamie setting up an Open House at our old home.

Truth is, Jamie Derouen of Upper Cape Realty, entire changed our lives. She knew, from day one, what was at stake for us in selling our home – a home we had loved and cared for, for nearly 20 years. She knew why we were selling and how much we were relying on her to get us out of an extremely stressful situation.

She also knew that there was only ONE house in ONE area that fit us. ONE. She knew how much we wanted it – she knew I’d watched it for years, praying someday I’d own it. She knew that the new house represented peace and happiness for my family – a chance for our children to grow up among their friends and walk to the beach every night. She knew that we needed a huge garage to replace the one we had and she knew that NOT selling our house wasn’t an option. On top of all that, she knew that we had 60 days to not only get our home ready to go on the market, but also get it SOLD. Nailing Jell-O to a tree would’ve been easier.

Jamie managed to broker the deal to buy the house of our dreams contingent on selling 14292377_10209896792154403_249266799937624142_nthe house we had loved for years, all while dealing with the same tough situation that we’d been caught in for nearly a decade (and getting the deal done on a tight time frame). On top of that, our home was part of a multi-home deal that required an army of attorneys and realtors, buyers and sellers. She kept in contact with them ALL to make sure our deal – the last of the deals – went through seamlessly.

She was such a blessing to us. I have NO DOUBT that any other realtor would never have been able to get the job done. She got us the price(s) we needed, the contingencies we wanted, and she constantly, constantly was in touch with me every step of the way. In fact, I think we shared more texts (and memes) over those months than my husband and I did in a year. For every set-back and unseen hurdle, she’d reply “Don’t worry – I’ve got this,” and she always did. Without FAIL, she fixed it, tracked it down, got it done, and was on the ball.

14264804_10209847546723298_7671049601953597755_nOur new home is everything we wanted – it has a heartbeat that welcomes us, it has the flow and breezes we adore. We breath freely here, we smile more and laugh all the time. The weight that crushed us at our old home is gone, replaced by a contentment and happiness that we didn’t think we’d ever get back.

We owe so much to Jamie – more than words can say or a simple review could ever convey. She changed OUR LIVES. Not just addresses, but our very well-being, and for that, we are eternally grateful.

She’s more than a Realtor – she’s a superhero.




2 Comments on “Moving, Madness, and other Brain-Frying Activities.”

  1. Holy Smokes, where do I begin…
    Words cannot express the emotions I am feeling after reading this blog. I am speechless, blushing, overflowing with joy for this family and still crying from the flattery. Through it all Kate Robotham Conway and her family actively helped me succeed at my job of selling their home and assisting them in buying their new home, all along the way with smiles and perseverance. Kate and Russ worked their butts off, literally I wouldn’t be surprised if they each lost 20 lbs during this move! And now with filled hearts they are all moved in to their new home and I couldn’t be happier for them all!!


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