Two Teen Events on Cape Cod July 16, 2015

Join the following Young Adult authors on Cape Cod for a day of wicked good books and wild storytelling.

More details at the bottom of the page, but the quick and dirty about these two free events is as follows:

EVENT 1: BITE INTO READING at The Bourne Library, 19 Sandwich Rd, Bourne, MA. 1:00pm to 3:00 PM

Phone: (508) 759-0644 – ask for Terry Johnson (Children’s Librarian)

or email

Ten authors (listed below) will be signing books and talking to teens and parents from 1-3pm, There are also six massive beach totes as part of the library’s fundraiser that will be raffled off. This is a great way to simply pop in, grab some books for summer reading, take some selfies, and then head to the beach. Books will be for sale for signing courtesy of Titcombs BookShop. Click HERE for their store link.

EVENT 2: WRECK A BOOK at The Marstons Mills Library, 2160 Main Street, Marstons Mills MA. 6:00 PM to 8:00PM

Phone: (508) 428-5175 – ask for Lindsay Hughes (Children’s Librarian)

 or email

Ten authors (listed below) will take turns reading from their books while participants get to wreck some of their books and turn the pieces into art. This is a rare chance to hang out with the authors in a casual setting while enjoying a wacky arts and crafts story time for teens. Plus the authors will be in PJs!  Books will be for sale for signing courtesy of Titcombs BookShop. Click HERE for their store link.

#WreckABook #BiteABook

Meet the Authors:

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 8.55.49 PM
K.R. Conway – I have been a professional writer since 1999, dipping my toes in the world of novel writing in 2013 with Undertow (Barnes and Noble Teen Summer Selection for 2015 – WOOT!). I am also a member of the SCBWI, which is a fun way to connect with other writers who are as devious as I am. During the school year I drive a 16-ton school bus because I’m obviously out of my mind. In addition to working jobs that should come with a warning label , I hold a BA in dangerous weirdos (Forensic Psych), torment the tourists about Jaws, and occasionally jump from the Town Neck bridge in an attempt to reclaim my youth. I live on Cape Cod with two smallish humans who apparently are my kids, my fishing-obsessed husband, a mutant dog, and a cage-defiant lovebird that sleeps in a miniature tent. Nope – that’s not a type-o. The bird is quite the indoor camper. Tweet to her @Sharkprose


Trisha Leaver – Trisha Leaver lives on Cape Cod with her husband, three children, and one rather irreverent black lab.  She is a chronic daydreamer who prefers the cozy confines of her own imagination to the mundane routine of everyday life.  She writes Young Adult Contemporary fiction, Psychological Horror and Science Fiction and is published with FSG/ Macmillan, Flux/Llewellyn and Merit Press. Tweets to her @trishaleaver


Hillary Monahan: Talking about myself isn’t nearly as much fun as I thought it’d be, so I’ll try to keep it simple.  I’m in my thirties and I live in a lovely little suburb just south of Boston with my horror dork husband. We have three basset hounds and three cats. We’re suckers for punishment. At least, I am. The husband just gives me what I want because listening to me piss and moan is no fun. At night, when the lights are dim and the creepy crawlies scuttle around in the dark, I throw words at my computer.  Sometimes they’re even good words. My YA horror MARY: The Summoning was published 9/2/2014 by Disney Hyperion. My lit agent is Miriam Kriss of the Irene Goodman Agency. I tend to blog about writing. And horror movies. And whatever other random thing is on my brain at the moment because I have the attention span of a goldfish. Tweet to her @HillaryMonahan


Jen Malone: Jen Malone writes books for tweens and teens, including At Your Service and the You’re Invited series with Simon & Schuster, and Map to the Stars and the forthcomingWanderlost with HarperCollins. She is a former Hollywood publicisit who once spent a year traveling the world solo, met her husband on the highway (literally), and went into labor with her identical twins while on a rock star’s tour bus. These days she saves the drama for her books. Tweet to her at @jenmalonewrites


Jen Brooks: Jen has a habit of being deeply moved by profound ideas, and her writing reflects her interest in exploring human goodness, relationships, and the feeling of being a part of something greater than oneself. She loves the science fiction and fantasy genres because of their dazzling possibilities for portraying characters and ideas. She credits her undergraduate experience at Dartmouth College, her MFA at Seton Hill University, and her fourteen years of English teaching with shaping her writing.  She is grateful to her family, friends, and students for inspiring her to write. Tweet to her @jenbrookswriter


Reade Scott Whinnem: As a child, Reade Scott Whinnem spent his summers in the earthquake-ridden, ghost-infested woods of East Haddam, Connecticut. From an early age, his father instilled in him a love of Star Trek, comic books, and monster movies, thereby condemning him to a life of incurable geekiness. In addition to being a writer, he is also an avid gardener, cook, and photographer. Both he and his wife are proud public school teachers. They live on Cape Cod with their son, Charlie, where they dig clams, correct essays, and, when necessary, reassure their overweight cat that she is a devastatingly attractive feline. Tweet to him @ReadeSWhinnem


Skylar Dorset: Skylar’s first story was a tale of romantic intrigue involving two feuding factions of squirrels. Think “Romeo & Juliet” but with bushy tails and added espionage. She was seven. Since that time, Skylar’s head has been filled with lots of characters and lots of drama. She is delighted to be able to share some of it with all of you now, because, honestly, it was getting pretty loud and crowded in there. Skylar is a born-and-bred New Englander, which is why Boston was a natural setting for her debut novel, THE GIRL WHO NEVER WAS. Skylar shares her home with a cardboard cutout of the Tenth Doctor, lots of Mardi Gras beads from the time she spent living in New Orleans, and a harp she’s supposed to be teaching herself to play. She’d like to get a dog. Tweet to her @SkylarDorset


Katie O’Sullivan: I’m an author, editor, magazine columnist, wife, and mother to three kids and two big dogs… not necessarily in that same order each day. I try to write every day and read a book a week, but life often gets in the way. I write romance and adventure for young adults and the young at heart, and living next to the Atlantic Ocean influences everything I write… Tweet to her @OkatieO


Kristine Carlson Asselin:  I’ve always been a writer–first with short stories in elementary school and then as a tragic poet in high school.  I wrote for both my high school newspaper and my college literary journal. I have a BS from  Fitchburg State University, in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. I wrote a lot of bad scripts for my film classes and loved every minute of it. My MA is from the University of Connecticut. I spent about twelve years as a student activities professional–for most of my career I was the director of student activities at Brandeis University.  I had a blast every day.  I’ve had the pleasure of working on Fourteen books for Capstone (with thirteen already published), and hope to continue my relationship with them. I love books–mostly middle grade and YA.  I’m a sucker for a good love song.  And I can’t resist an invitation for Chinese Food or Ice Cream.  But not together. Tweet to her @KristineAsselin


Lori Goldstein: Born into an Italian-Irish family (hence the short temper and the freckles), Lori grew up on the Jersey Shore and now makes her home outside of Boston in a place close enough to the ocean that on the right day, she can smell the sea from her back deck, and yet it still takes an hour to get to the beach. With a journalism degree from Lehigh University, she worked as a writer, editor, and graphic designer before embracing her love of fictional people. As a young girl, Lori would make a tent with her bed sheet and clasp a flashlight in one hand and a book in the other. She’d read into the wee hours, way past her bedtime. Today, she not only reads past her bedtime, she writes too. (And waking up tired has never felt so good). Like Julia Child, her idol and fellow Massachusetts resident who also found success in a second career, Lori shares a love of traveling, cooking, and eating great food—the weirder, the better—with her husband. When not writing or reading (preferably from a sandy locale), Lori can be found chatting books, obsessing over The Vampire Diaries, and perfecting the art of efficient writing through Twitter. Tweet to her @loriagoldstein




Bourne event postcard side 2

Bite into Reading postcard side 2

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