UNDERTOW novel in the news!

1487337_10202326327257512_844088049_nUNDERTOW has some awesome fans – I have been very blessed in that respect. Readers, reviewers, and Cape Codders have all become quite a fabulous cheering section. To them all, I cannot say THANK YOU enough :)

Today, I am sharing some pictures, reviews, and media from the past month. UNDERTOW released on October 13th. Since then I have had over 4000 entries for 8 signed books and 3 posters! This dark tale of two, historic warring families and the entangled lies they left behind 7464_10201045075507019_2045510741_nseems to have hit a addictive cord with readers. I am SO THANKFUL for everyone who helped make it possible.

I swear – I won’t let you down with the rest of the series. I write for you, my fans, and for the characters who live so vividly in my mind.

From Seeing Night Reviews: “Such a great start to a new series that I will definitely be continuing. This one brought me back from my small hiatus from young adult books. I felt like I was getting too much repetition in the genre and am so glad I retuned with such an awesome read. I applaud K.R. Conway for an original plot line with a lot of history, romance, mystery and paranormal goodies to keep me reading in one sitting.

1240033_10201969870546317_1705914527_nUndertow follows Eila Walker who has just received some surprising news. She has just inherited a million dollar home in Cape Cod, without much thought she and her guardian Mae head there to start their new lives. But when Eila starts to get comfortable with her new home, she realizes she has some history in this small town.

The home she lives in belongs to her 4th generation grand parents, thus making her wonder how she got this home and who knew who she was. But that’s only the beginning as she soon discovers her grandmother’s memories are connected to her and some powerful beings are after her. With the help of her new friends and the very protective Raef, she discovers she has the power to stop history from repeating itself.

Eila is a down to earth kind of girl, one that normally doesn’t get along with the cool group 1229859_10201704017500157_426854335_n-2but just tries to get through the days. Being connected to old money and a inheriting a famous estate doesn’t make her popular with some of the kids, she makes friends other outsiders like herself.

But after an accident at the beach and a creature tries to drag her under the water, her friends let her know she is the last of her kind to a very powerful family. Eila’s character has a lot to take in; she has some major history about her family that she never knew existed. Plus an ability she doesn’t understand, along with a dangerous enemy that would be more than happy to take her life. Even though she took all this insane information really well, I felt her demeanor and determination to keep her friends and family safe made her a real likable character. I was rooting for her from beginning to end and loved discovering more about her lineage.

999105_10201569419455290_1954501913_n-3Raef is one of those guys that you know all the girls at school are dreaming about secretly. He’s strong, very good-looking and very protective of Eila, even though she doesn’t know he’s protecting her at the start. That is until he tells her the truth. He has a whole secret about himself that was an excellent twist. What I loved most about his character is that he doesn’t hide his feelings; he cares for Eila and shows it with his devotion to watch over her, find answers and fight off the bad guys. He’s like a big teddy bear that you just want to hug and know will keep you safe. I really enjoyed his chemistry with Eila; they seriously had a great connection and some cute scene together.

Overall this is one of my new favorite series that I can’t wait to continue. Conway created a whole back-story that all start 160 years ago and I can tell there is still much more to learn. The secondary characters are just as good as the main protagonist, with her two school mates MJ and Ana being great sidekicks with some interesting tricks up their sleeves, and Kian a playboy big brother type that helps Raef keep Elia safe. They all have great stories about themselves that I’m hoping we get more insight on in the next book. This series has it all, with paranormal elements, suspense, great villains and of course romance. This is a book to add to your list to read asap!”


From Tipsy-Ink: “If it were at all possible, I would rate this title a 5.5 (which it is… I’m just too damn lazy to make a new rating jpeg.) From page 1 I was swept away. I haven’t had the pleasure of reading such a unique read since ‘Scars of the Bifrost’. K.R. Conway’s way of writing IN first person does not limit the story, quite contrary really, it helps to move the story along in a way that anyone can follow and enjoy.

I think one of the things I love most is the unique and original take on ‘Supernatural’ so 1421312_10202212138162856_276783012_o-3different from the books now hitting the shelves. Don’t get me wrong, I still like the ‘traditional’ supes, its just nice to read something different every once in a while. Writers of this day almost always seem to fall into the comfort of writing about something we something we know and this is different, something we don’t know.

1379276_10201925619040057_2129425962_nFunny enough, this book was so well written that I found myself hooked (dangerously so, if you count almost burning my dinner). By chapter 10, this review started manefesticing itself in my head.

I  can honestly say with a clear conscience that there isn’t a thing about this book that I didn’t like. The writing style, while done in first person, did not deter my ability or my want to read this book. There was way too much I liked. Even some of the twists didn’t register in my mind until a couple of seconds before they were revealed so kudos for that Ms. Conway.

I love every single character, good and bad. Their development was spot on! While I’m aware that there is much we have yet to discover, there is no doubt in my mind, that this author spent countless hours meticulously crafting their backstories down to their favorite color and it shows in every loving key stoke.1400370_10201332909219603_853149015_o

My only negative comment if you can even call it that would be “Do you hate your readers, because making us wait till summer of 2014 is just cruel and unusual punishment?” I don’t want to have to wait so long for book 2 but I will as I’m sure many other reader will!”1001691_10201389580679433_1601561926_n

From Head Stuck in a Book: “I absolutely loved this book, such a fresh, exciting and exhilarating read, with such an original concept that I can see this book doing very well.
This novel combines quite a few of my favourite things in a story, a paranormal origin and intriguing use of it throughout this book, contemporary romance added in all wrapped up in the New Adult genre.

I really like that the reader finds out all about Eila’s family history and her heritage the same time that we do, leaving us questioning things the way that she is left to do, trying to figure just what is going on and why her new friends are keeping secrets from her.1074585_10201400250666176_1720016996_o

I loved the mysterious Raef and his brother Kian, you know that they have a big secret that they’re hiding and I love that it comes full-circle as Eila’s delves further into her family history and discovers the responsibility that is now her birthright.

With a well written heroine, who is extremely likeable, you can’t go wrong. Combining a new paranormal concept with a dash of action and romance, you’ll be taken on a ride as soon as you open this book to its first page and lose yourself in it’s fantastic storyline. I give this a big 5/5 Stars.”



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