Meet the UNDERTOW cast – Christian Raines

167195_10150098235364065_1900592_nIn searching for faces to represent UNDERTOW, there were a couple of characters that I didn’t really think I would even try to find. For one, I knew no one who could fit the bill for either Christian Raines or Rilin West. Secondly, they were “big reveal” characters, therefore I was unsure if I could give them a face to begin with.

Christian Raines . . . well, I can’t really talk about him because I will blow the twist in UNDERTOW. But we did find his face – by accident. John Sullivan had called in a few “extra” people for the photoshoot in case I 1186868_10151659236469065_1280351428_nneeded some more faces. When we started shooting Jeremy Peacock, I figured he could be an extra. Then I looked through photographer Alex Daunais’ view finder on his camera and instantly saw Christian Raines. What was crazy was how much older he looked on film. He was perfect!

This is the 4-1-1 on Jeremy Peacock, aka CHRISTIAN RAINES.


Age: 19

Hometown: Osterville

High School: Barnstable high

Favorite: The Beatles

Hobbies: Film

Favorite Quote: “The sky is the limit, so reach for the stars”

How did you first find out about the fact that some random author (me – lol) wanted to use you as a cover model? Was it through me or someone else? Mr. Sullivan told me he had a character opportunity for the book and it sounded like a great opportunity.

What was it like to be the physical embodiment of a fictional character? I was asked to help as an extra and while I was there was changed to Christian, a main character, so it was unexpected and awesome.

 What did you think of the shoot when you were there? Did you have any worries? I was in plays and always liked acting but had never been photographed, it was cool and new. It was a pretty professional setting but the atmosphere was calm and easy going.

What has your family and friends thought about the whole thing? They are proud of the opportunity and want me to keep doing things like this.

You became the face of Christian Raines, a character who appears in the very first scene of UNDERTOW. It’s a violent scene, which has been very popular among readers and agents. Christian himself has dark history. Does it feel odd to possible have your face associated with this character? No, I feel comfortable playing a violent character. It’s different for me but it’s a cool twist to what I normally play.Christian Raines

Would you be willing to be shot again for the UNDERTOW series in the future if need be? Maybe sign books as the character, Christian Raines? Yes definitely

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