Book Review: The Lux Series by Armentrout


Want to know, hands down, the best way to diet? Read the Lux series by Jennifer Armentrout. OBSIDIAN, ONYX, OPAL, ORIGIN, and SHADOWS

I know. You’re like, “Poor woman . . . her brain is finally fried. She thinks you can diet by reading.”

YOU CAN! Want to know why? Because this series is so RIDICULOUSLY ADDICTIVE you forget to eat. Stop showering. Skip walking the dog. Miss a few bills. Yeah . . . I’m serious. It’s that insanely fun. And to PROVE I am not exaggerating, I suggested it to a kid on my middle school bus and SHE BECAME OBSESSED with the stories. Buried herself in the books while I drove.

Anyway, The Lux series is about aliens – WAIT! Don’t walk away!!! I know, I know!! ALIENS???? YES! Never in a million years would I ever think that I would be so thoroughly addicted to FRIGGIN ALIENS!

The premise starts out with this high schooler (Kat) moving to a middle-of-nowhere town after her father has died. There isn’t much to do there but she befriends a girl next door, Dee, who is stunning and bubbly and all-together thrilled to have a pal in Kat. Her brother, Daemon, however, ain’t so thrilled. He wants Dee to stay away from Kat and is pretty darn insulting all around. He and Kat go at it tooth and nail, but then one night Kat gets attacked  near the library and Daemon steps in . . . and heals her. Turns out Daemon and Dee are aliens and, in healing Kat, he has made her all glow wormy which can only be seen by his kind . . . and the Arum. The bad, dark, light-sucking aliens.

How Armentrout writes is EXACTLY how I think all upper YA / New Adult should be written. She has a flawless grasp of teen hood, linking laugh-out loud scenes with run-for-your life moments. In fact, if you love UNDERTOW there is NO WAY you should bypass this fabulous series. Below is one of my favorite moments from the movie BOLT, when the Hollywood pigeons pitch an alien-take on his show. KILLS ME.

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