Cape Cod Scribe has a Liebster Award!

LASo, I am thrilled to announce that my crazy, slightly irrational bloggy, was nominated for a Liebster Award by fellow crazy –  Danielle of Ever On Word.

Gotta love her blog and the fact that she is nuts enough to be a writer, like moi. I bet there is a genetic disorder linked to our common story-telling obsession!

Anywho, to accept my fab-o award, I must complete the following rules (and, heck knows I suck at rules, but here goes!):

* Answer the 11 questions provided – DONE
* Create 11 questions for the next nominees to answer – DONE
* Link back to the one who nominated you – DONE
* Choose 11 people and link them in your post – DONE
* Go to their page and tell them – DONE
* No tag backs! – Eh?

Okay – so these are the questions that were provided to me with my answers:

1. If you were cursed to take on an animal form every night, which do you think the spell-caster would choose for you, and why? A bat, so I could fly and scare the tar out of people – both of which I would enjoy doing immensely and therefore feed the needs of my “id”.

2. Which song reminiscent of moonlight on water do you enjoy more: Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata, or Debussy’s “Clair de Lune? PLEEASE . .  Debussy!

3. Name the fairytale nearest to the story of your life. JAWS. No seriously –  for Cape Codders a shark that snacks on tourists IS a fairytale.

4. You feel sick. ): Would you rather see a doctor about it, or tough it out alone? Drag my wheezy butt out the door only to be told to take it easy and eat canned soup?? Yeah . . . PASS. I’ll tough it out.

5. Who is your favorite “Swan(n)” – Emma Swan (“Once Upon a Time”), Bella Swan (“Twilight”), Elizabeth Swann (“Pirates of the Caribbean”), or [other]? ELIZABETH!!!

6. Who is your favorite prince? (Real, fictional, the “Purple Rain” artist who partied like it was 1999… whatever.) Oh man . . . I’m not really the “prince” type, therefore I am going to say Prince Eric in THE LITTLE MERMAID. Dude was the only one that didn’t act like a wimp.

7. Who is your favorite “the”? Just kidding. X) If you had to go on a two-week walking trip with someone – any someone – who would you want it to be, and why? My BFF Laura, because combined we get into more mischief than Chevy Chase in a National Lampoon movie.

8. Are you the cool, rational type, or emotional and instinctual? Cool like a cuke, baby! OMG a SPIDER!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH

9. How far would you go to make a person fall in love with you? I never chase. Ever. I wouldn’t want to try and lure someone into loving me. Love me with all my faults or move on. I ain’t perfect.

10. Describe your early childhood home. HAHA . . . the wrong side of the tracks in a beautiful, seaside land.

11. What does “happily ever after” mean to you? That we live for the moment, never ceasing to be amazed by life.

Okay – so now I have 11 nominees I wish to bless with a Liebster award IF they too follow the rules (stated above). Here are my nominees followed by their questions:

Roxanne Crouse

Sandwich Teen Book Bites

Pen of Paul


A World in a Grain of Sand

Fabulous Realms

Nap Time is My Time

Dianne Gray

Singing Underwater

Khaula Mazhar

Ellis Nelson

1. Beach, pool, or no way you get near water?

2. We have a jumping bridge and the water is roughly a bone-chilling 60-degrees. Do you brave the water and jump with the teens or do you justify a reason for staying dry?

3. Best thing you read recently:

4. Character you wanted to see run over by a bus:

5. Speaking of buses, did you ride one as a kid or bum a ride off of someone, parents included:

6. First vehicle and why:

7. A TV show that your tried out and were shocked to ADORE:

8. Do you Rock n Roll when you write?

9. What made you start a blog?

10. One place that you would drop everything to visit if the trip was 100% paid for:

11. What you were doing one hour ago (this is a PG-13 blog! *cough cough*):


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