Book Review: THE SELECTION (YA Dystopian Romance)

BEWARE – A few spoilers. Not many though!

THE SELECTION by Kiera Class:

Right out of the box, I will say it: Absolutely worth reading.

I will follow this with a warning however: It ain’t finished.

Call me crazy, but I was told over and over again that any one book in a series must be able to stand by itself. You know – beginning, middle and END. This one? Cliffhanger. Worst part? I’m fully addicted and the second book in the series is no where to be found (word is that the writer, Ms. Cass, has a new goober and has taken time off from writing. 100% understandable, but the wait may kill me).

Basically, in the future, there are tiers of people – castes you are born into that set you on your path for life. There is no escaping these ranks and, lord help you, if you have sex outside of marriage. It is rare – exceptionally rare – to marry and have children outside of your rank. However, in an attempt to unite these many variations of people, the monarchy is holding a Selection – 30 young ladies will be chosen to court the Prince, so he may chose one to become his wife . . . and eventually, queen.

Our heroine, America, gets pushed into the Selection by both her family (a low caste #5) and the boy she loves (Aspen, a lowest #8). Aspen, believing that there is no way for them to ever survive financially if they were to marry, breaks her heart. Feeling she needs to help her family, and pissed (somewhat) at Aspen, she heads into the Selection. Her family is paid for her participation and she is re-ranked as a #3.

Of course, America is just there to get her family some much needed cash and has no intention of winning. Unfortunately, Prince Maxon isn’t the stiff-suit she imagined him to be and they hit it off as friends (which, you guessed it, slowly evolves). Of course, one cannot leave Aspen behind totally, for what is the fun of living happily ever after?

Great book, excellent writing (and I am DAMN picky), fun story. Brace yourself for the “WTF moment” when it ends abruptly.

Well done Miss Cass . . . now hurry up and get us the next book! LOL!

5 Comments on “Book Review: THE SELECTION (YA Dystopian Romance)”

  1. Sounds like a good read. Though, my compulsive nature might make me wait until the series is complete because I have trouble with cliffhanger endings.


  2. Wow! Def sounds like an amazing read however I may wait until she comes out with Part 2 before I pick up the first book because I am a book devourer and can blast thru them very quickly. I like to be able to immediately continue in a series to keep the story flowing. For example every time a Potter book came out, I would get it at midnight and have it finished by morning reading non stop. Hope she comes out with it soon!


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