GUEST BLOG: Beach + Kid = Torture? Maybe not . . .

Beach Babies Survival 101
by Amy Elizabeth (GUEST BLOGGER)
Living on Cape Cod and having children means a mom needs to become a beach pro and quick!  My first few trips to the beach with my son, while still under age 1, were definitely learning experience.  I would pack way to much or not enough.  My first trip to the beach was a disaster with the cabana I had proudly purchased sailing away into the kiddie cove and almost drowning some young tweens.  I also made the mistake of trying to go it alone and this equaled not a fun time!  Trying to balance a 10 month old while my beach bag erupted all over the sand drawing curious and shocked stares from all around me…. Thank you to all the people who just stared with their mouths open instead of offering to help, you did me a favor!  Yes, they did me a huge favor, because I learned and I learned fast!
We Cape Cod Moms are a tough bunch! We quickly adapt to all situations as only mothers can and later that night I began preparing for future beach trips!
This summer, I have become much more of an expert at beach days! I pack just the right amount and always have that one thing you forget that you wish you hadn’t!  Here are some beach tips so that you don’t make a spectacle of yourself when you try going to the beach with your kids.
1.) Get there early so you get a good spot.  The kids are up early anyway, so why wait around.  Most beach lots open btw 8-9am.  Grab their breakfast and go!
2.) Try the buddy system and have your other mom friends with kids meet you there!  This way you can team up while at the beach and all co supervise!  It always helps to have extra eyes!  This is also good because everyone brings different snacks for sharing, or equipment thus helping to lighten your load.
3.) Apply sunblock before you leave the house.
4.) Purchase an oversize beach bag – this way you can consolidate as much into one bag as possible.
5.) Unpack kid toy first to keep them occupado while you set up your area for the day.
These are just a few major tips to help you with surviving a beach experience.  You should include a few MUST HAVE’s in your bag as well.
My TOP 5 Must Have’s for the Beach:
1.) Baby Powder – easily helps remove sand stuck on body or hands.
2.) Spray Mist bottle with fresh water – cools you off and entertains!
3.) Drinks & Snacks – personally I make homemade guacamole or humus, watermelon, grapes, veggies or chips (for dipping), a small meal for mama (I bring tomato, mozzarella salad) freeze some yogurt to make popsicles or the juice boxes – these will help keep the cooler cool!
4.) Cabana/tent/umbrella – to cool off the kids in.
5.) Plastic bags!!!  Put all wet clothing, suits, shoes, etc into these before you leave!
Do you have other tips or Must Have’s I have forgotten?  Share them with us!
Happy Beaching Cape Codders!
Many thanks to our Guest Blogger Amy Elizabeth from Cape Cod Mommies

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