When did Wicked become Uncool??

“A man’s character may be learned from the adjectives which he habitually uses in conversation.” Mark Twain


Mark Twain, brilliant dude that he was, nailed it. Some words just take on a life of their own. But what happens when they are stored away, sudden dinosaurs in our functional lexicon? Do we lose a piece of who we are at heart?

Take the word “WICKED.”  It is was the word of choice on the Cape and Boston.

If you are from here, don’t deny the truth: WICKED rules ruled.

When we were wicked young, it was used non-stop because swearing would cause an instant “laser-beam look of death” by your wickedly uncool parents.

When we were teens, it was used to define the truly great, such as Four Seas‘ obscenely good and wickedly awesome pink mint chocolate chip ice cream. We also were able to combine the the two fairly well (when our parent’s weren’t in earshot at least): “F&%king tourists are lined up deeper than the Bud line at Fenway, but that f$%ing Maple Walnut is sooooo wicked good!”

But then adulthood mowed us down like a driver that has never seen a rotary, let alone Cape Cod’s emotionally scaring traffic. In adulthood, wicked somehow was no longer in style (gasp!).

Wicked made us old.

Wicked was suddenly uncool.

Some green chick and her babe of a sister hit Broadway and stole our word all together!

The real nail in poor WICKED’s coffin was it’s six, simple letters that took too long to text (and for we, elderly, uncool, Broadway-addicted weirdos, learning text-jargon took long enough). LMFAO??? I mean seriously . . . it took me months to figure that one out, which, of course, made me WICKEDLY ANCIENT.

Suddenly, a keystone of our lingo was gone . . .  turned into a dusty, dweeby adjective that was heralded as a joke along with our now wickedly uncool ’80s.

What happens now that we are no longer so wickedly awesome? Do we deny WICKED ever happened? Throw it under the proverbial Urban Dictionary bus?


Rise up with me, those lovers of WICKED! Do not deny your hearts (or your red, canvas Converse)!

Bring back our beloved WICKED and tell those little brats that lol at our ’80s butts and Underoos that we have BTDT and that we did it all with the help of one, killer word.

The old is new again, baby: WCKD is our WICKED!

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